Helen Sue Brown Sowell

Friday 15th June 2018 Dear Helen, I woke this morning with a new perspective—-One I wanted to share with you.  I realized that I should look at our eight-year friendship and dwell not on our profound grief of your unexpected death, but the gift that was your love and friendship. These years you have occupied the throne that I called, “Our Family.” You loved and cared for our son like no other woman ever has.  You lovingly helped us care for my father up to his last day on earth, sharing the love of the history of Deep East Texas and all its people. You were my faithful friend.  You enriched my life immeasurably with your laughter, your funny stories, your smiles, your insights, your presence,  and yes even your tears and pain. Helen, everyone loved you. That was one of the fantastic things about you. You were incredibly loveable.  Our son Kenneth loved you genuinely; you were the love of his life.  Together sharing so many mutual interests, fishing, camping out in tents, “Indian Style,” deer hunting, planting and harvesting substantial vegetable gardens each year.  Our daughters Kaye, Karen, and Krissy, loved you, and I know you loved them. Our dearest friends Wimp and Marilyn loved you.  My three sisters loved you. You were, in virtually every way, a member of our family. There’s no doubt the way to my heart is through my obsessive love of family history. […]

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