Life is a circle… Here on the lake… June 2016

Just like in nature, the seasons go round us every year.  Our home is on a hill overlooking Sam Rayburn Lake. Our bedroom window faces the East where the sun rises each morning.  Looking to the West through the glass room.  Watching a beautiful sunset glimmering on the Lake each evening.  We are surrounded by six acres of hills and valleys Covered with beautiful trees and wildlife.

We moved from the city ten years ago this month. June 2006. I reached a  signpost age the following January. Turning sixty years of age. While I was not thrilled about that, I was healthy and euphoric in my life.  Wesley retired, and Joshua changed schools,

From Beaumont to Broaddus, Texas. The three of us learned to live in a different world. No longer going out to eat at a different restaurant each night. We had to drive over fifty miles one way, to buy groceries or any supplies we needed.   We soon became organized, and it became somewhat more manageable.

The hardest part of moving to the country was the distance between our immediate family and us. We so missed our other children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Spring summer fall and winter,  I so love each season that seems to spiral lovingly around us, Long shadows and twirling dancing orange leaves, in Fall. The sudden chill in the air each evening.

As the sun silently ships its arc in the heavens, the trees become naked, looking through stark branches you can see water for miles across the lake and hills, December 21st our winter solstice is our shortest day of the year.

Suddenly thousands of pink blooming redbuds on every part of our land dotted with white flowering dogwood trees and the sweet smell of my substantial old country roses, it’s springtime,  my favorite sound’s are the calls of the loons on the lake, and the whippoorwills calling at dusk.

Our sun is directly overhead on the June 21st   Solstice, this day the sun stands still, summer time is here. Fishing boats are running across the lake.   We hear the Jet skies and four wheelers. It’s  Swimming, and vacationing time.  The most active time of the year.

Suddenly the leaves start to change colors, and I feel the chill in the air. We’ve come full circle again.

I am connected to my ancestral land; my mother was born in White City, a small sawmill community that once thrived here in San Augustine County.  My dad grew up on a farm about 6 miles from here.  In my mind,  I can watch them both growing up so close to our land.  Struggling through the Great Depression, with their parents. Picking cotton in the fields.

Another signpost year looms ahead; I’ll be seventy years old in January. “Now,” I am happy about this fact. I thank God for this beautiful thing called life.  By his grace, I am blessed.

Our backyard,

Marjorie Tarver Vaughan

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