Dragonflies’ and Shame

The first time I remember experiencing anger, my mother was finished washing clothes on the back porch. She let the hose down from the wringer type washer, and I just couldn’t resist those lovely white soapy bubbles draining out into the yard. I ran and jumped right in the soapy water, which quickly turned into slippery mud. Surprised and upset my mother scolded me harshly as my feet flew up and my hind end landed. I jumped up with my hands on my hips and got sassy (that’s momma’s side of the story). However, I do recall being pretty upset with her. Then she said the craziest thing, pick a switch and bring it to me for your spanking. I stomped off with my hands on my hips, slowly walking looking for the smallest little switch I could find and kept trying it out on my legs and hind end!  Suddenly I look up and beside me was a wire fence. Two beautiful dragonflies were resting there. I slipped up and ran my two fingers over and under the wings of the first one and caught him.  I felt the usual delight, that “I got you “ feeling.      ………..But that dreading going back with my switch feeling made me so angry!                                 Suddenly I ripped the wings off the dragonfly…… Even today after 65 years; I can still hear him scream… I felt real pain in my heart and, a feeling washed […]

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