Buddy’s sad goodbye

  Marjorie Vaughan Buddy April 12 · The story of “Buddy” and his love for his owner, and my father, Henry “Bud” Tarver. Dad passed from this world to Heaven, January 30, 2016, at 2:22 am. Dad and Buddy had always been lovingly close. My brother and his wife Debra had bought Buddy, eight weeks old as a Christmas gift for Daddy in December 2002. They had been constant companions when in October 2014 my father at 91 Years-Of-Age had a bad fall and other health problems and we had to temporary place him in a Nursing facility for a few months. Buddy stayed with my youngest brother in dad’s home. My brother took him to visit dad often. Happily in August 2015, we brought Dad and Buddy home to live with us. I have been an animal lover my entire life. But Buddy was in a strange place and nervous at first. He started lifting him leg on everything, including Lucy, our female dog. I knew I would have to retrain him. I tried putting him in a cage and taking him outside on regular two-hour trips. But he had never been in a cage and would have no part of it. I put his leash on and connect it to my kitchen cabinets. This he could live with, we took turns taking him out to play and go potty on a schedule. Buddy was a very smart dog […]

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