The Brave Soldier is home again.

Pfc. Henry Tarver 333rd Co. B 84th Dividion

Pfc. Henry Tarver
333rd Co. B 84th Division

UPDATE…Daddy is now living with us in our home on the beautiful Sam Rayburn Lake.  Wesley my husband of 31 years, checked him out of Parkwood Place this morning for a three-day visit.

However, the moment they drove into our driveway, my sister and I are waiting outside with cameras in hand for that precious face we love so much.

I knew he was not going back to that Place. We informed the Social Worker by phone Monday morning we’ll be checking out on the first floor. …………Those beautiful winged 2nd-floor nurses will live on in our hearts forever….more.

The last year and a half has been a nightmare for us. Finally, the fog is lifting, and, I saw the sun beaming brightly on my daddy’s face watching the squirrels and birds from our back deck this afternoon. He talked excitedly of the herd of 18 deer they saw as they turned into our subdivision. I sense the shadows are around the corner and, my heart skips a beat, each time he stumbles….yet, This Brave Soldier is home again.

Marjorie Tarver Vaughan 21, August 2015

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