Memories of Daddy

Memories of my sweet daddy are of my lifetime. But I’ll share the past 6 years, my husband Wesley and I were his Direct Care Givers. Dad wanted to live in his own home in Jasper, Texas. Before his wife Lillian died 2014, it was okay for him to live at home. My youngest brother lived with them. Dad was blind and no longer able to drive. Wesley went to his home twice a week at lease,( a 60-mile drive, one way) to take him to town for groceries and etc. My brother drove him places or went to pick up things for him also. After his wife had died, we tried to get him to live with us. But he wanted to be at home. Late October he had a bad fall outside.Cutting his arm to the bone. We had him set up with Life Alert, but he couldn’t remember to push the button.We had to put him in a VA contracted faulty temporarily for a few months, trying to help him get use of his legs.again. We visited him at least three times a week. Finally, in August 2015, we brought him to live with us. Some of my happiest memories of him and I spending so much time together. Every night I tucked him in bed, being sure he was warm enough. I’d kiss him goodnight and tell him I loved him. Without fail EVERY Night, Dad told me I love u baby and THANK YOU! He was happy here with us! I know he felt safe. We laughed a lot, Dad had a great sense of humor, as does Wesley. Twice a week Wesley bought them freshly cooked catfish, Dad loved it. Dad often got his nights and days confused. He come to our bedroom door and say Wesley is the coffee ready? Just about Bud, as he jumped up and push the coffee pot button. Some of the best talks about his childhood were at 3’o clock in the morning with the three of us laughing and talking.
Weekly calls to his sister and his brother. Our children and great grandchildren visiting often. Our grandson Joshua, his wife Trisha and their three children visiting almost daily.
By the grace of our loving God, Dad was happy right up to the fast pain-free end of his life.

Posted by: Marjorie Vaughan – Broaddus, TX – Daughter   Apr 18, 2016

Categories: Family History

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