Daddy and Uncle Tom’s Chicken story

My Daddy’s stories                                                        August 23, 2011

Henry (Bud) Tarver

My daddy told me in about the year 1940 when he was about 17 years old he and his older brother Uncle Tom went to Sunday services at a little church close to White City, in San Augustine County, Texas.

The Preacher was really talking down  all teenagers. Today’s teenagers steal and are always up to no good. He said he heard a friend of his tell about teenagers stealing his chickens late at night. The preacher pounded the pulpit really hard and said no teenagers are going to steal my chickens.

Uncle Tom looks at daddy and winks, he leaned over and whispered in dad’s ear we’ll show him what bad teenagers are If he thinks they all are so bad. We’ll have his chickens before dark tonight (And they did ) daddy said Uncle Tom went in and handed  him each chicken one at a time and dad put them into a seed sack.  Uncle Tom started handing the rooster to dad then said no he didn’t say anything about the rooster, so he put the rooster back in the pen.



Marjorie Tarver Vaughan

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